Prostate Gland Infections Passed Through Sexual Contact

Prostate gland yeast infections are usually contracted through sexual contract. During sex, the male’s urethra is exposed and vulnerable to a yeast infection from an infected female. The yeast can travel up the urethral canal and settle in the prostate gland.

The use of condoms can prevent men from getting a yeast infection from their sexual partners. Condoms can also prevent the male from passing the infection to another person. Not every male who is exposed to yeast infection will get one. It is more prevalent in men who have diabetes, are uncircumcised or have immune system disorders.

Digestive problems are may occur in men and boys with prostate gland yeast infection. Some of these problems may include constipation, bloating, indigestion and frequent intestinal gas. Sometimes these symptoms become so bothersome that medical attention is needed. Often severe digestive problems are the only indication that a man has a prostate gland yeast infection.

Some of the symptoms of male yeast infection are soreness at the head of the penis, itching, discharge, burning sensation during intercourse, pain during urination and transient rash.

Sometimes males with prostate gland yeast infections have not outward signs or symptoms. However, if your female sexual partner gets a yeast infection after having sex with you, it might be a good idea to get yourself checked. Yeast infections can be passed back and forth between sexual partners.

Prostate gland yeast infections are sometimes treated with oral medications like Diflucan. In serious cases a doctor might prescribe Nizoral. While Nizoral is very effective as and anti-fungal medications, it also very hard on your liver. It is not a medication to be taken lightly. Diflucan is relatively safe and there is one version that is available over the counter. This FDA approved medications sometimes cures prostate gland yeast infections in just one dose.

Some holistic health practitioners believe that eating yogurt or drinking buttermilk every day can help prevent yeast infections from recurring. The live bacteria or active culture is said to help balance fungal growth in the prostate gland.

Another popular home remedy for prostate gland yeast infection is to put 10-15 drops of grapefruit seed extract into your morning juice every day for a month. Some also recommend a daily dose of olive leaf extract together with the grapefruit seed extract.

It is import to remember that recurring prostate gland yeast infections may be caused by a serious underlying health problem. Only your doctor can help you determine the best course of treatment for a prostate gland yeast infection.


Diflucan: An oral medication sometimes used to treat male yeast infections

Nizoral: A very powerful drug that can cause liver problems and can only be used under the careful supervision of a doctor.