Yeast Infections That Go Untreated May Cause Serious Problems

Yeast infections can range from very mild to very severe and there are several things that can occur if a yeast infection goes untreated. In some cases, an untreated yeast infection will go away on its own. This is especially true in the case of male yeast infections because many men never even know they have infections because they rarely have outward symptoms.

The oral yeast infection called thrush can have serious complications if it goes untreated, particulary in people with suppressed immune systems. If thrush goes untreated and does not go away by itself, there are complications that can occur. Oral yeast infections can spread to the esphagus, making eating and swallowing liquids very painful. For this reason many people with untreated oral yeast infections become dehydrated and have to be hospitalized. People with HIV are especially prone to complications related to yeast infections that spread to the esophagus.

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Vaginal yeast infections that go untreated can cause servere discomfort. The extreme itching caused by vaginal yeast infections usually causes women to treat the condition with natural remedies, over the counter remedies or to seek medical attention.

Pregnant women with yeast infctions that go untreated risk passing the inefction on to their infants in the birth canal. This can result in the child developing thrush which can be passed from child to mother during breastfeeding. Yeast infections on the nipple can be very painful. A child with thrush may have significant pain that interferes with his ability to breastfeed. Infants with thrush are often fussy and may refuse to eat.

Children with yeast infections that go untreated can wind up with severe disaper rash in the groin area. Often this condition can be cured with diaper creams. If the infection does not clear up within a couple of days, a pediatrician should be consulted.

Some adults choose not to seek medical treatemnt for their yeast infectiosn but they may use home remedies to relieve symptoms. Some of those remeidines include apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide and diet changes. Many people with chronic yeast infections acidolphus to the diet becaause it has been shown to be effective in preventing yeast infections.

If you have an untreated yeast infection that is becoming worse, you should talk to your doctor. The discomfort associated with untreated yeast infections can be chronic and severe. Untreated yeast infections can lead to more serious health problems in some cases.


Candida: The fungus that causes yeast infections

Tea tree oil: A holistic substance that is believed to have healing qualities.